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How Dragon Founders Can Give You Your Freedom Back...

We accompany you intensively over several weeks and support you on the path to your first successful business acquisition or startup launch.

Return on Investment

Buying or operating a business offers you the best return on investment.

Be Your Own Boss

You're your own boss and you dictate your own life.

For $0

Through Other People's Money, you can buy a company with zero equity.


You start building wealth.


Thanks to our support, you can achieve success about 40 times faster than starting independently without us.


You'll learn how successful entrepreneurs think and how you can achieve even more without being influenced by the opinions of naysayers.

The leading minds behind Dragon Founders

We're your go-to for freedom.


Premium Support

We stand firmly by your side and offer you our full support - 24/7.


Whether you want to do business in the DACH region, the USA, or Dubai - we're ready to help you.

4,000+ consultations

Over 4,000 successful consultations in the past 2 years alone, with 40 years of experience overall.


Gain instant, lifelong access to our unique community with a network in Europe, the USA, and the UAE.

What makes Dragon Founders unique?

It's time to stop chasing the wrong role models and instead develop the right skills crucial for success. All those stories about people winning millions from investors with a pitch deck or building an empire from their garage - that was simply brilliant marketing.

Still unsure if buying is right for you? Take the free test and find out if you have the right profile. We can also discuss your entrepreneur profile together for free. Just click 'Entrepreneur Test' below.


What does the non-binding initial consultation involve?

We leave it up to you how the consultation unfolds in detail. Our experts are ready to discuss the topics that are currently important to you or that you would like to learn more about.

Why do you offer the initial consultation for free?

Many may wonder what a long-term collaboration with us would look like. That's why we've introduced free consultation sessions. Here, interested individuals can experience firsthand what it means to be advised by us in the long term. Of course, we hope that those we advise will become our clients afterwards. But that's solely based on whether they like the consultation or not.

How much does your training cost?

It all depends on where you are and what you want to achieve. If you are interested in working with us, you are welcome to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. An expert is ready to talk to you.

Can we guarantee success?

They say: no pain, no gain. Sounds a bit trite, doesn't it? But this is not about getting rich in a hurry. It's about paving the way to becoming a real entrepreneur. That means real work - not just for a few weeks or months, but for decades to come.

Dragon Founders

We give entrepreneurs a huge advantage.

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