Starting vs. BuyingBuying a Company

Why would someone sell a company?

It's a common misconception that something is wrong with a company if the owner wants to sell it. People often assume that the company is on the brink of bankruptcy or that the financial situation is bad, or that the entrepreneur knows something others don't. Is this true?


It's a misconception that something is wrong with a company if the owner wants to sell it. In reality, there are many reasons for a sale, often driven by life changes and personal priorities. Learn more about the real reasons behind business sales.


Many entrepreneurs sell their company to enjoy their well-deserved retirement.

Health Issues

The owner needs to step away from the business due to health issues.


When a business owner dies, the company passes to the heirs. If they don't wish to continue the business, it will be sold.

Career Change

Everything in life is transient, and so are often the visions and interests. Even seasoned entrepreneurs frequently set sail for new horizons.

Personal Reorientation

Private reorientations often result from separations and crises. In such moments, old things are let go to discover the unknown new.

Planned Exit Strategy

Entrepreneurs plan their exit strategy from the outset. When the investment in their own company has paid off, it's time to reap the rewards.

Myths About Buying a Company

In addition to the reasons mentioned for selling a company, there are numerous myths circulating. Some of the most common ones are:


"The acquisition of a company requires a lot of experience" is false. In fact, all you need is someone by your side who has experience.

A lot of money

"I need loads of money to be able to buy a company" is false. There are numerous financing options and companies of various sizes that enable acquisition.


"I have to be an expert in the respective industry" is false. Anyone can acquire knowledge and quickly familiarize themselves with new areas.

Time & Creditworthiness

"It surely takes months to finalize a purchase, and one needs to have sufficient creditworthiness" is also false. With the right experts, a purchase can often be completed within days, and you don't need a large creditworthiness to acquire a company.

Large Team

"I need a large team of lawyers and accountants" is also not correct. You won't be taking over a corporation, but rather a SME, which is often simply structured and doesn't require a large effort.

Lack of Own Vision

"I can't change a company" is false. It's your company, and you can digitize and restructure it just the same, only difference being you don't have to start from scratch.

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