Acquiring a Business Instead of Starting One: Why It's Safer Than a Startup


May 28, 2024

Why You Should Rethink Starting a New Startup

Startups in Crisis: A Tightrope Walk with High Bankruptcy Risk

Rising interest rates, zero growth, and global crises are pushing many American startups to the brink. According to a recent survey by the Digital Association, one in ten startups (10 percent) expects to go bankrupt within the next year. Nearly half (50 percent) report that conditions for startups in the U.S. have worsened over the past two years – a significant increase from 30 percent last year.

Despite these bleak prospects, many founders view their own situation through rose-colored glasses: only 7 percent see a deterioration in their own situation, while 30 percent report improvements. This optimistic self-assessment might be typical for entrepreneurs but should prompt a reality check.

Business Succession: A Better Alternative to Starting from Scratch

Instead of diving headfirst into the risk of a new startup, consider channeling your creative ideas into existing businesses for sale. Such an acquisition offers numerous advantages and could save you from the painful crash of bankruptcy.

The Brutal Truth: The Risk of a New Startup

High Bankruptcy Rate: The statistics are clear – one in ten startups is on the verge of failure. The romantic notion of a successful startup quickly fades when reality hits. Economic uncertainty makes new ventures risky.

Lack of Capital: Many startups fail due to financing issues. Investors are more cautious, and banks are hesitant to lend. You risk losing all your savings without ever reaching break-even.

The Smart Alternative: Business Succession

Established Structures and Processes: Why reinvent the wheel? An existing business already has functional structures and processes. You can focus on injecting your innovative ideas instead of tackling foundational challenges.

Immediate Customer Base: An existing business comes with customers. This significantly reduces the risk and cost of customer acquisition, allowing for quicker revenue generation.

Experienced Team: Instead of painstakingly building a new team, you can leverage experienced employees who know the operations and market. This saves time and money.

Better Financing Options: Financing an acquisition is often easier and cheaper than starting from scratch. Government programs and loans can also be utilized to facilitate the transition.

New Ideas, Fresh Wind

By integrating new ideas into an existing business, you can realize your visions faster and more effectively. An established company can benefit from innovative concepts and fresh perspectives while you benefit from the stability and resources of the business.


In a time when the risk of startup bankruptcy is high, you should seriously consider implementing your ideas in existing businesses. Acquiring a business offers stability, established structures, and lower risk. It’s time to rethink the romanticized notion of starting from scratch and opt for more pragmatic paths. This could benefit not only you but the entire startup ecosystem.

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